Classic Custom Walnut Tables

A Timeless Addition to Your Home, Office, or Living Space

Tailored to Your Life

There are pieces of furniture that are more than just functional or stylish; they’re the very centerpiece of the room and bring people together in ways that truly matter. At Emerson Tables, we’re passionate about creating custom tables, be it a piece for your family dining room or a solid, distinct table for your office.

That’s because we love creating exquisite and timeless pieces that establish a tone for a room, enhances the mood of anyone that visits, empowers people who gather around it, and creates a one-of-a-kind experience for everyone who makes it a part of their lives.

More importantly, we’re excited to tailor it around your specific and impeccable needs.


Every American-made Emerson table is handcrafted from the highest-quality Tennessee Walnut right here at our shop on Tyne Boulevard in the heart of Green Hills in Nashville, TN. We design and craft each one by hand and every table embraces a unique look, style, and feel that’s truly original. 

That means that no two tables are ever identical and that you can be proud to share that the table you’ve added to your home, office, or conference room can’t be found anywhere else on Earth.


Unmatched Custom Detail

From the feet to the table’s surface, each one is 100% unique because they’re each sourced from a different tree and made by hand. This makes them completely original in look and style. You can also add optional “live” edges to enhance their natural beauty

Thick, Beautiful, Natural Wood

You can choose from a wide range of sizes, table thicknesses, and other details to better suit your living or work space, or the people who will be using it. In fact, you can create a table perfect for you in every way and it will be totally original based on your request.

Hand-Crafted, Never Machined

Every Emerson Table is hand-crafted, every piece of wood is cut, planed, and sanded by the same professional and experienced hands. Unlike big box retailers, we never “machine’ or mass produce our pieces, which means you can’t find them anywhere else.



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