Our Story


Emerson Tables has been a family-based endeavor for as long as we can remember, dating back to Jim’s Grandfather, Otto Furman Buzhardt. Otto was an engineer and an architect who really enjoyed woodworking, in fact, he had a passion for it. He passed his knowledge and first-hand skills over to Jim’s Father, Dr. Horace Emerson Buzhardt, who taught Jim the tricks of the trade.

Over time, Jim gained hands-on experience working with his father. Together, the two bonded over their mutual interest and appreciation for creating handcrafted furniture. Prior to Dr. Buzhardt’s passing, a patient had given him and Jim a large piece of Walnut, unfinished and ready to be put to good use.

After spending time contemplating his next move, Jim wanted to craft something meaningful out of the Walnut section that had been gifted to him and his father. His inspiration finally came when he decided that he needed a new dining room table. He began scouring the internet and local furniture stores for inspiration. After seeing that the tables lacked character, personality, and emotion, Jim set out to produce something of higher quality, higher value, and higher integrity.


It All Began With A Walnut Table

Jim absolutely loved his new table, but he was truly blown away by the response he received from his friends and family. And while Jim was proud of his work, he would simply brush their ideas of a new entrepreneurial endeavor aside because he was already in the midst of starting another business. But as people continued to relish in his creation, Jim began to give their suggestions a bit more attention.

Jim began to explore the handcrafted table market and realized the massive market void in solid, handcrafted wooden tables made from the strongest pieces of Walnut. From there, Jim set out on a mission to develop and brand Emerson Tables as one of the highest quality and high-end custom Walnut table builders on the market.


Walnut Wood

True Walnut is difficult to find nowadays, especially as the price of solid Walnut continues to increase, while the supply has declined. Our ancestors used to use Walnut for furniture exports, railroad ties, fences, and gunstocks because of its strong body, visually pleasing grains, and its durability. But now, Walnut is often used by large corporations to make veneer. This overuse results in a decrease in supply and an increase in demand by making Walnut (veneer) furniture cheaper and more affordable.

However, Walnut veneer is not true, solid Walnut. The visual aesthetic of Walnut is still present, but the true, warm, solid quality of the wood itself simply does not exist. This is precisely what Jim wants to change with Emerson Tables.

Here at Emerson Tables, we specialize in crafting solid Walnut tables. Emerson Tables is a brand that wants to showcase the true beauty, quality, and custom aesthetic of high-end, locally made furniture right in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee.

Walnut tables are what we do best, and we’re not looking to take over the market. We’re simply looking to bring some of our family history into the market through high-quality wooden tables.